A few things keep me busy these days:


  • Raising 2 kids (8 and 5) and spending 12 hours a day with them when their school is closed


Big picture question

How to achieve carbon neutrality by mid-century? How to make the clean energy transition to achieve this goal more:

  • Sustainable (energy and environment)
  • Resilient (energy and climate)
  • Equitable (energy and justice)
  • I’m working with EDF on the Multi-Country Electricity Transition Potential and Challenges Project
  • I’m working on the climate, air pollution, and human health effect of imported solar PV supported by the ClimateWorks Foundation
  • I’m collaborating with LBL on power system decarbonization: we are organizing an Special Issue (The Electricity Journal) and a Workshop

I welcome collaborations on:

  • Clean energy global supply chain
  • Power system decarbonization modeling
  • Just transition
  • Electricity-water-carbon nexus
  • Other interdisciplinary aspects of carbon neutrality