Lecture 6 Energy Demand

Gang He

September 26, 2022

Sample analytic questions

  • What will be the load in the NYISO service area in 2030?
  • How EV will change the load?
  • What drives energy demand growth?
  • How climate change changes energy demand?
  • How to make reasonal assumptions about appliances stock turn over?

Germany energy demand

Top-down vs bottom-up


\(I=P\times A\times T\)

\(I\) = Impact
\(P\) = Population
\(A\) = Aflluence
\(T\) = Technology


Economy (GDP)

Energy intensity


EV and load

Energy efficiency - “First Fuel”

Adoption curve


Limit to growth, degrowth, green growth

Decent living

Human behavior - demand response

Human behavior intervention

Load forecasting

Load forecast


  • Energy demand is shaped by dynamic factors: populations, GDP, technology, regulation, and human behavior
  • Understanding those drivers will help us learn the magnitude and shape of our demand
  • Load forecast integrates all insights to the show


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